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Jennie Ketcham (Crooks), LMHC, MSW, is the author of "I am Jennie," was a contributor on Huffington Post, and has been a guest contributor to The New York Times. She's appeared on a variety of news and daytime television shows ranging from Oprah and Headline News to Extra! and The View, two reality T.V. shows (Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, and Sober House with Dr. Drew), and numerous radio shows and podcasts. Jennie is also a retired pornographic film actress and director.

Currently, Jennie is a practicing psychotherapist, and a consulting "Sexpert" for the nationwide sex-positive adult store, Lovers. To contact her for therapy, please visit her group practice site,

Jennie's current writing project and study, The Phone Zone Challenge, is a 30-Day evidence-informed method for changing the relationship with your phone. Jennie and her clients often talk about the use of cell phones as a way to escape [insert: pain, sorrow, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc.]. These heartful conversations gave birth to this challenge.

The interventions detailed in this 30-Day Challenge arise from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidence-based practice that improves psychological flexibility through acceptance, mindfulness, and committed action in valued-directions. 

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Jennie has the amazing superpower of Overdoing Everything: Doesn’t matter if it’s cookies, carrots, or cardio, if it feels good, there’s a chance Jennie will try to hold onto it …just a few seconds too long. Perhaps considered evidence of this “Feel Good” issue, she’s in recovery for both sex addiction and alcohol, a former award-winning pornographic film actress and reality T.V. star.

    Now, as a new mother, when things don’t Feel Good, Jennie feels the pull to hide in her phone. A big ouch came on Super Bowl Sunday. Jennie was looking up feel-good drama about Ronnie from Jersey Shore and missed her daughter’s first step - a tiny shuffle from the coffee table to the couch. Everyone else in the room saw it, including Jennie’s husband, and everyone saw that Jennie missed it. Leaning into this small but painful moment helped her pivot away from the hope of feeling good and toward a values-driven life with values-informed phone use. 

She hopes this challenge helps you too.


"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens."




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